It has been really cold lately. Not complaining though. It's really nice. But with the windows closed it gets a bit stuffy inside and I don't want to open the windows. I'm afraid a lizard or something will come in ><. Kyle isn't at home tonight. If he was here I'd have opened the windows. I switched on the aircon a while ago and almost fainted. It smells like rotten shoes. So disgusting. And I can't seem to open the cover to clean it. It's actually due for servicing anyway. So most probably going to get it done next Saturday.

I've been craving for Magnum Ice Cream for a while ever since I saw it on a YouTube ad. When I was younger I wasn't allowed to eat a lot of things with food colouring and additives and all that. My parents were a bit over protective. So eating ice cream used to be once in a blue moon kind of thing. Went to 7-Eleven earlier and bought one. It's so meh. I don't really like it anymore.

I can't believe I still haven't uploaded a photo of the cake Kyle got for my birthday. It's really funny. I'll post it tomorrow if I'm not feeling too lazy. The holidays really make me very lazy. Which is why I don't like long holidays.


  1. hey aiden =D, its been a while lol.
    i don like magnum but ppl keeps telling me that i should try magnum almonds, so i reckon u should gv tat ago lol

    1. omg it's you! hahaha
      I tried it and I think it's the more decent tasting one compared to the rest

  2. huh? what? you and bunny used to be an item?


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