I can't remember whether I've written about this before. A few months ago I was at the express lane at Tesco to pay for my groceries when a father and son queued up behind me. The son must've been around 6 I think. He counted the number of things in the trolley and told his dad that it's more than 8 and the counter says maximum 8 items. (is it 8 or 6 at the express lane in Tesco? Either way, the maximum number at the express lane). So then the dad goes like "No, this is counted as only one item because all of it is the same thing". They trolley was filled with milk packets. 

I was actually checking Tumblr and saw this comic and that's what reminded me of the incident. They actually have a lot of interesting comics. You can check it out here. Some of them are NSFW, sort of.


  1. hmm..when i was a kid, i loved my lil pony and the color pink, and penis!
    now as a grown up, i hate that cartoon and the color pink. but i still heart penis. hehe

    1. hahaha. some things never change!

  2. I miss doing grocery shopping back home as I always went with mum or sis. Hate shopping for grocery alone here :(

    1. I know the feeling. but sometimes it can be fun shopping alone!


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