I realised that I have started to dislike November a lot. And it has a lot to do with the fact that my birthday is in November. Getting an year older makes me cranky I guess. I mean, I feel like I have wasted a lot of time and not gotten anything done. It's hard to explain. 

I can't even begin to write how much I dislike being in JB. Being not so developed is one thing. But the people are so unfriendly and rude. No matter where you go in JB it's the same. Even the baristas in Starbucks are so rude. So actually I do feel miserable here. 

I'm not going back home for the holidays as usual. So I'll be staying here till the next semester starts. Ugh. I want to stab myself now. 

I went to Singapore with a friend last night. It was quite fun. I don't think a lot of people would really like it. But one of the things I used to do when I get stressed is walk in Ikea when I was in KL. And so that's what we did in Singapore last night. 

Has anyone ever noticed the signboards in the causeway CIQ that says "100% checking"? It's such a shame really. I feel like they only check cars when they're bored.


  1. OMG! dats so true! i donno why Johoreans are like that one, not only are they the worst drivers, they're so mean too. I vow i will never go to JB again.

    1. yeah! I seriously don't understand!


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