The past few days have been meh. I've been staying at home and doing nothing. And that's starting to get on my nerves. Like, I really need to do something. Well, I did bake the other day. Made orange cupcakes with molten chocolate centres. Is there a real name for it? I'm not sure. But I don't think Kyle really likes them >_>. He doesn't seem to be going crazy over them like he normally does when I bake. Haven't been able to take some over to Peanut's place for him to try coz if he's at home, I'm too lazy to go and if I'm not feeling lazy he's not at home ><.

We baked a tiny pizza together tonight. It was surprisingly nice. I got a small circular tray thing for RM 4.95 few weeks ago. It's rather flimsy but gets the job done. 

Earlier this year Kyle and I were planning to go on a road trip. But some things came up and we have to cancel it. Quite bummed about it.

I should probably start reading all the books that I bought last year. 

I was thinking earlier how easy it would be if I was openly gay and I could integrate my blog with twitter and all that. But then I realised that it can get kinda creepy. Especially when random people come up to you and tell you about something you posted a long time ago. And that has actually happened to me before.


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