Exams are over and I'm scared to see the results. It was the hardest exam that I've ever done. And it gets worse when examiners are biased. So much for teaching us about moral values when you yourself can't be impartial in an exam. Forget being impartial, but I don't understand examiners who get angry and yell during the exam. Like, bitch what's your problem? I told you I will to do a full body CT for the patient and it was the correct answer. I really hate practical exams because you need to please each and every examiner according to their style. Bitch no. I'm not here to satisfy you. 

Obviously I'm very annoyed.

Wanted to pay my phone bill the other night and found out that the amount due was RM 165++. HOW does that even happen when I don't make any calls or text anyone. The only thing I use is LTE under the data plan. So I need to go to Maxis and get it settled soon.

It's my birthday in roughly a week's time and I miss someone. Because we used to go out and celebrate our birthdays together every year. And we've been doing that for the past 4 years. Why is it that I'm the one who always has a hard time moving on?

I saw TSSB after the exam. I guess the exam stress and all of it made me miss him a lot. But it's quite obvious that he doesn't care.

I think I need to be alone for a few days. 


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