Preparing for exams has been extremely stressful. And every single day I keep questioning myself whether I'm capable of doing this. It's not easy really. People give all these out-of-the-text-book answers to all the questions and I'm like. Well. You know the feeling.

The worst part is the practical exam where anything can come out. Which means you actually need to know everything. 

Someone messaged me the other day and asked me how many days I have until the exam. Since I didn't count I just told him that I have two exams. And he was like "wow. medicine is so easy then. finals are also only two exams."

Bitch I will cut you! You have no idea how much we have to study for the two exams. 

So anyway, I'm generally in a bad mood these days and Kyle has been extremely good to me. Earlier today I was so stressed out that I actually wanted to cry. But I was studying outside with a friend. So I called him and he comforted me. 

Can't wait for exams to finish to go out with Peanut.


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