It's been a while since I wrote here the last time. Honestly I'm very stressed about the final exams. I mean, who isn't right? My classmates make it even worse. The only discussion during lunch time or any other time for that matter these days would be about a systolic murmur or causes of SVT or something. It's extremely stressful. And unlike a lot of others, I get stressed when I don't know the answer to something they're discussing. So basically each day I have to see them is an ordeal.

Super excited for January. I think that's the only thing that keeps me going now. Kyle and I are going to Bali in January. It's more or less like an anniversary getaway. Supposed to have been in February but I'm busy in February so we decided to go earlier.

By this time next month, I'll be wondering whether I passed the exams. Hopefully I do.


  1. Ya..think of the trip when feel stressed. It's very fast passes. Good luck for your exam!! :)

  2. Don't be stressed because of what others do or say. Some people are just like that, like to intimidate and all that. you will still come top!

    1. i try! so basically i'm avoiding them all now ><

  3. juz do ur best, that's all that matters


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