Feeling much better now. Minus the annoying post nasal drip I'm fine. Although everyone keeps saying I look sick >_>

So the other day I had this weird dream. I was at home practicing sutures on a piece of chicken and my dad was laughing at me because my knots were ugly. It's weird coz my dad passed away almost 18 years ago and I've never had a dream which had him in it. For the suturing part, I know I've been very stressed about it because there's a possibility of it coming out in the exam.

In other news, my bag is about to break. I thought I can make do without buying a new one this year. Hmm. I have only a few more weeks left. I should figure something out coz I'd rather buy a new one next year.

And my laptop has died. I left it unplugged on the table before I went to KL. It didn't work at all after I came back. And it's not even one year old. Like. Ugh. How frustrating can it get. So I checked for the nearest service centre and there's only one in Johor. The worst thing is I can't find the receipt. Do laptops really spoil that quickly? My first one was a Sony Vaio and it started having problems in less than a year. My current one is HP Spectre XT. I was using Kyle's laptop during the weekend and was flooded with #firstworldpains. I NEED to get my laptop fixed soon.


  1. Do you actually need the receipt as a proof? Usually if you registered your laptop with them, they can identify it with probably a serial number?

    1. haha I thought I'd need it as a proof of purchase or something. But turns out that they actually key in everything to the system when I buy the laptop so it's there regardless of whether I registered it or not


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