I was having a sore throat last Thursday and decided that it was time to go and see a specialist. So after dropping Kyle off at work, I went to the hospital for a consultation. Turns out that my previous tonsillectomy wasn't done properly and I need to get the remaining part removed. Honestly I'm quite annoyed about this whole thing. And the whole procedure seems rather expensive as well. But I think my health insurance should cover it. Need to check that soon. Discussed the situation with my mum and Kyle and I've decided that if I'm going to get the surgery done I'll do it in KL rather than doing it here.

Kyle and I went to KL on Friday night after my class. We were supposed to leave at 7pm but he was late and we ended up leaving at 8pm. It was as if everyone had decided to drive north. Mother of all traffic jams really. By the time we reached the hotel it was 1am.

We went to Kamal to buy a book that I wanted the next day and saw this really old building. If only they'll restore it, it'll look so much nicer.

Wanted to take Kyle to Putrajaya to see the sunset at the Millennium Monument. But in the end we reached too early and didn't wait there till sunset ):

We drove back to JB on Monday. The traffic was horrible. Took us nearly 6 hours to get home.


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