803: That fine line between empathy and sympathy

As a medical student I see people in critical conditions almost every single day. And it's very depressing to see it. Because most of the patients are unaware of just how bad their prognosis is. Or maybe they're in denial. 

A few weeks ago I came across a HIV positive patient. It's really sad because he's very young and not on any form of treatment for HIV. The entire situation is really sad. I can't disclose too much here. So how do you draw the line between empathy and sympathy? 

And it's really surprising just how many doctors are actually homophobic. 


  1. malaysians are generally closeted homophobes.
    even our laws do not really protect those living with HIV. i blame the majority malays and their religion for this. and of course BN politicians who openly discriminate against these people.
    i hope there are more marina mahathirs in this country, but sadly, not gonna happen. nothing will change this country. nothing.

    1. I have to agree with you. Malaysia really needs laws to protect the minority.


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