I'm exhausted beyond words. If there is such a thing. But really, this week has been extremely tiring. And since I'm tired, I get annoyed at the tiniest things. I once told Kyle that he's my buffer solution. You know, the one we learn in Chemistry. But he didn't get the whole concept >_>

On an unrelated note. I believe that no matter how annoying someone is, if they do something nice or something good you should acknowledge it. I know someone who is super annoying. But he can be nice at times. Extremely nice. So just because he's annoying most of the time does it mean that we have to ignore the nice things he does? 

I want to go shopping ):


  1. there's a saying from a wise sage(forgotten who)....it sounded something like this..."even a corpse-eating demon are capable of doing merits".....

    1. yeah! there's no reason to forget the good things someone does just because he has made mistakes or is annoying or whatever.


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