It's so cold here that it feels like my eyes are on fire. There are only three people inside the computer lab and both the aircons are switched on. I don't understand some people. Ugh.

I just want this semester to be over soon. But that also means sitting for the exams. Which is scary.

I miss KL and all the nice places. A random person asked me whether I like JB and I said I don't. She was rather offended. I mean, did you expect me to pretend? >_> 

Kyle played with my hair till I fell asleep last night. What more could you ask for from a guy. <3

What a random post.

My mum went to see the doctor for a follow up on a surgery she did a few years back. And since she was going, I asked her to get a medical check up done. She keeps saying she has emailed me her reports but I don't have them. Turns out that cellular data was not activated on her phone. >< She's so technologically challenged! Just a few weeks back she called me to ask how to use the wireless printer at home!

From what she read out from the report, the fasting blood glucose seems to be high. Hmm. Quite worried honestly. Can't wait to see the report myself. Then again, the doctor said the report is fine. So maybe my mum read it incorrectly or something.


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