This has been long overdue. Been saying that I need to come up with a name for the boyfriend to use here on the blog. So he shall be named Kyle.

Kyle and I went to JPO yesterday to get something for his sister's birthday. After that we drove back home and were waiting till 5pm to drive in to Singapore. The whole VEP free entry thing. Anyway, we went to Ikea to get a table and two chairs to use in the dining area. It was fun. For some reason all the cashiers at Ikea were super nice to us. They weren't so nice and friendly the last time I went >_>

On the way back to JB we were wondering whether we need to declare the stuff we bought at the customs. I mean, it's for personal use. Neither of us actually knew the procedure. So we drove through the green lane as usual and the officer asked us to park on the side. Turns out that we were supposed to go to the red lane and declare the things. Since Kyle was driving, the officer took his passport and was threatening to withhold it. He even started asking whose passport it was. And then he asked whether Kyle can read English/BM since the list of thingies on the last page isn't written in Chinese. Seriously? >_> Then he went on to say that we can be fined by RM 1000 and blah blah. If that's according to the law, sure fine us. But at this point I felt like he was indirectly asking for money. Thank God another officer came and asked him to check the next car coz there was a massive traffic jam all the way from Woodlands right in to CIQ. So much attitude. I get it that it's Raya. But really? >_> 

After we came back, we assembled the table and it looks oh so pretty now. I shall upload a photo once I clean up the place.

I've had too much coffee today and can't sleep. Plus the fireworks too. It feels like they're on a mission to blow up this place.


  1. if it's isn't written in chinese obviously Kyle know bm and bi....abuden officer...lol

    1. haha exactly! and the officer was talking in BM the entire time!


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