Honestly I think I've been more lazy than busy to keep the blog neglected. Then again, I've been sick as well. There was that horrible fever in April when the doctor suspected it was Dengue. But repeated tests were negative despite the falling platelet count. A week after that I had flu over and over again.

Some time in June I went back home after nearly two years. Long story short and minus the family drama, it was uneventful. I stayed in the hotel room for my entire stay coz I was down with fever. My parents and aunts and cousins however did ask me whether I have a girlfriend when they came to visit me. I guess that question will become more frequent in the years to come. For now, I still have the excuse "I'm focusing on my studies".

When it comes to life as a medical student, I feel so incompetent. Then again, I guess almost everyone feels the same. 

It's going to be 5 months for our relationship in a week. Both of us agreed to not celebrate or acknowledge the date since it hasn't been an year yet. I wish we had the opportunity to go out more often. We meet during the weekend and both of us are so exhausted that we always stay at home and do our own work or sleep. Yeah, I know. We're really boring. Despite the instances that I get so annoyed at him for some things, at the end of the day I really do love him. And I believe that he makes me a better person.

Internet has been driving me nuts. It's absolutely impossible to even send out an email with no attachments at times. I haven't had time to go down to the Maxis Center yet.

Oh and I passed. So that's a relief.


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