789: First impressions

"I thought you aren't very bright."

"I didn't think you'd be able to answer that."

"Before you opened your mouth, I thought you were quite dumb."

Honestly, those are some people's first impressions of me. And they've said it to my face. I wonder whether I really look that dumb >_> I might look perpetually lost and blur most of the time. Or even angry and unapproachable. But I never knew that I looked "dumb". 

Anyway, the reason I'm writing about this is because my groupmates treat me like I don't know anything. Just recently for a group work, I was assigned a super light task while everyone was overloaded with things to do. Like, really? The most frustrating part is when even the tutors don't include me in any discussions. He/she will go around asking everyone questions and will conveniently skip me every single time. It's not in my head coz it has been happening for the entire semester. It's so frustrating coz nobody understands it. And you don't know just how boring it is to sit through a 3 hour long discussion and not be able to say a single thing when you know the answer but you're not allowed to speak and at the end of they day everyone just assumes I don't know anything.

I can't wait for the semester break and to get away from all the annoying people for a while. Seeing all your faces every single day is bad for my health. Your pretentiousness is toxic.


  1. Thinking about that..I never been pointed to answer question...:O O.o

    Well, I did most the work and how I wish it's because they dumb not social loafing. -.-


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