So since it's Mother's day, I thought I should write this.

My mother and I have never really gotten along well. And this was very apparent as I was growing up. But that doesn't mean I don't love her. I do. I guess we have come to a point where both of us agree to disagree and just move on. Surprisingly, we've been getting along much better ever since I moved out. So that's good I guess.

She taught me how to read and write. And it's not easy to teach me because I can't concentrate for very long. I get distracted easily. She was patient with me and made me become more fluent in English than my mother tongue. And I'm glad she did.

When my dad passed away she took me to the most expensive toy store and asked me to buy anything I want. I chose a set of 6 rubber ninja dolls. She told me about my dad after that. I know, she tried to make me feel better. And I guess in her own way, she did. But I never needed the toys. I never used to play with the expensive toys my dad bought for me. I always played with the cheap toys that my cousins had.

I fractured my arm when I was 12. I was on a school trip in a relatively rural area and my mum was so worried that she wanted to charter a flight and come to see me.

I had very bad tonsillitis when I was 15 and had to get them removed. I saw the helpless look on my mum's face because she couldn't take emergency leave from work to go abroad with me to get the surgery done. 

My mum can be extremely dramatic at times, just like me. But at the end of the day, I know that she loves me. 

Despite our differences about almost everything under the sun, I still love you mum.

P.S. What really surprises me is that she has absolutely no clue that I'm gay. Just last night she called me to ask me about facial products. And she called me "beautiful" instead of "handsome". Really mum? >_>


  1. I sense very genuine feeling from you. You didn't bombastically or exaggeratedly tell how much you love your mum like a few annoying Facebook posts did.

    Little things she did were deep embedded in your heart--I am sure that she would be glad if she knows you remember so well.

    I hope that both of you can cherish every single moment together :D


    1. haha thank you! yes personally even I felt that some people were exaggerating it. (:

  2. on the contrary your mum might knew and that's why she called you beautiful:D


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