The past week has been very hectic. Replacement classes and preparing for an exam, which  I did very badly on. I shouldn't blame the examiner entirely but he did contribute a lot for my poor performance. For starters, he was late by 35 minutes which basically meant that I had only 25 minutes to do it. But I passed and I guess that's all that matters right now.

I always have a hard time from moving on. Be it broken friendships or more. But I think I'm slowly improving on that. Which is a good thing. I really do spend an unhealthy amount of time being depressed just because we're not friends anymore. Or things like that.

On an unrelated note, my lip balm broke and there aren't any Kiehl's outlets here. ): Went to JPO with a classmate and coincidentally found a shop that sells an extremely limited range of Kiehl's products. So I got a new one although it's not exactly the same.

I absolutely cannot stand people who get jealous or are overly possessive. One of my friends texted me yesterday when I was in the class. I didn't reply to it straight away coz it wasn't so important. She then went on to say I'm such a bad friend and blah blah for not replying and going out with other friends. Really? Ugh. I can't even.


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