784: My favourite boys

My two favourite boys. The two people that I love the most right now is my boyfriend and Peanut. They make the annoying things in life bearable and bring joy in the little things in life.

The boyfriend wasn't feeling well (definitely wasn't from me!) and has been sleeping since 7pm-ish. And my God! He can sleep! I accidentally dropped my books in the room, dropped a water bottle (the stainless steel ones from Bros mind you) and even several missed calls at full volume and he was still fast asleep. I was doing laundry and suddenly saw a cockroach. I HATE cockroaches. And I'm afraid of them as well. Since he was sleeping and I didn't want to wake him up, I used the insecticide. I didn't think that it would start running and flying around the house. OMG. Worst thing ever. So after several stifled screams I decided to wake him up and ask him to kill it. When I woke him up and asked him to kill the cockroach he was like "What? I thought you were being raped". Really? If I was being raped I think I'd scream louder and wouldn't tap on him to wake him up ><

So after he killed the cockroach he asked me how I survived all these years. And honestly, I haven't had an encounter with a cockroach in my apartment before. The only times were in the car and Peanut has ALWAYS been there.

So yes, I love my two heroes for killing cockroaches.


  1. awwwwwwww.. I hate cockroaches too.. but you have to train yourself to kill them.. a slipper is the best weapon

    1. ugh. yeah. I should. they're just so disgusting

  2. OMG! The flying ones!!!! \(><)/

  3. awww sho cute....you woke up your bf just to kill a cockroach:3

  4. So cute :3

    I hate and scare of cockroach as well.


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