I went to City Square earlier today to buy something and since I wasn't feeling that well, the boyfriend decided to meet me there and then come home with me. Once he reached, we went to have dinner. Obviously the first thing he saw was the shopping bag and and started scolding me and hit me on the arm lightly. I mean, it's all in fun. This happened on the escalator and both of us were laughing. What turned my laughter upside down was the guy on the escalator behind me who went up a couple steps, turned around and gave us a disgusted look. I know I shouldn't be affected by it, but I am. And it's not like we were holding hands or anything of that sort. He just jokingly hit my arm and we were laughing on the escalator. Oh well.


  1. I used to see a gay couple holding hand on escalator. To some is "Ewwwww!!" To me "Omg! So sweet!!!!" and both of them were hot...lol

    1. haha. but we weren't even holding hands!


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