So I've been sick for a while now. I've been having fever since Saturday. And that spoiled our (the boyfriend and I) plans to go to Singapore the next day. So after several blood tests and bills more than RM 700 later, the cause is tied between a viral fever and mild dengue. I'm supposed to go for another test next week to confirm it.

The boyfriend has been staying over to take care of me. And can I just say that he's the best. He makes sure that I take the medication on time. Even in the middle of the night he'll wake me up to take the medicine. Maybe those are tiny things to some people. But I feel like those are the important things. This one night, he woke me up to scold me because I kept pushing away the blanket as soon as he put it on me every time. Haha.

But he's going back to his place tomorrow night since I'm feeling better now. I really am going to miss having him around. The highlight of my day is when he comes home in the evening and we have dinner together. I'm really going to miss that. Especially because we can't meet for the next few weeks since he has deadlines coming up.

Enough about him. You should watch this. It's really nice. Made me cry.

Since I've been resting at home I've been watching a lot of stuff on YouTube. Check out THIS channel. Quite funny.

I've always known that no matter how rich I am. Or rather my future husband is, I cannot stay at home. Staying at home the past few days has double confirmed it. I'm so bored! But I'm supposed to stay at home and rest till Sunday. So tempted to go out since I have the car now. 

Other things that have kept me occupied is random conversations with Peanut. I miss him as well! 

P.S. If you still haven't watched Prayers for Bobby, you should!


  1. I always fantasize taking care of sick bf or vice versa, it's the sweetest thing to have...lucky you!!!!

    Now I also sick...luckily still got mum :)

  2. the feeling that when you are sick and someone that you loved is by your side...it's like the best feeling ever right?:D


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