Some people might think I'm overreacting but I think I have valid reasons. I'm not comfortable at all when something affects my freedom. Yes, it's a huge deal to me. Maybe because I really had to fight for it and stand up for myself. I don't know. The bottom line is, no one understands the situation. And honestly I'm not even expecting anyone to understand. Just don't go pretending like you do when you clearly don't. 

I'm just very frustrated about a lot of things. And it's even more frustrating because I can't blog about it. 

I'm too lazy to add some songs that I've recently discovered. Covers to be precise. I'll add them in the next post. Going to sleep and hopefully I feel less frustrated when I wake up.


  1. I'M FEELING THE SAME ! so much pressure from my parents, since they knew I was gay.. And everytime I go out, they have to ask so much.. the truth is not what they want to hear also..

    just breath in and out.. get some sleep early

    1. hopefully it'll get better with time (:


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