I don't understand people who say that being gay is a choice. It's not easy being gay. Why would anyone purposely choose a more difficult life?

I went to drop off the boyfriend at his place a while ago. He asked me to stop before the entrance and without thinking, I asked him why and he didn't say anything. I know. He doesn't want to be seen with me. And I understand that. Because I know the consequences of what will happen if he comes out, or if someone finds out. But at the same time, I can't deny that I was very hurt.

I think we can all relate to this GIF very much.


  1. Ya..it's sad but true for our family =(

  2. Well... You should work things out one at a time... More importantly he loves you and so do you (:

    Cheer up!!!

    1. haha. yeah. baby steps.

      how've you been?

  3. agree with the GIF,sometimes we not dare to come out is due to afraid to break their heart:(

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