I had a relatively relaxing day today. The keyword being relative. After getting home, I was checking Instagram and twitter and what not and discovered something. One of my friend's ex-boyfriend is sort of bffs (I think. or at least close friends) with a blogger I used to talk to almost every single day when I started blogging. And that blogger is a friend of another blogger, who happens to know another friend of mine. It really is a tiny circle after all. Almost everyone knows everyone. I don't think people really know me. I'd rather remain invisible anyway. You know, being fat and ugly really does have its perks! My classmates, or almost anyone never asks me whether I have a girlfriend. Whoop whoop!


  1. Yes..it is really a small world..everyone is link together..xD

    Erm..my case is ask when I want go find girlfriend..not sure they confirm I dont have gf or what..=.=


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