It's 11:50pm. On a weekday. And I'm awake. Supposed to wake up at 5:30am tomorrow. Can't sleep coz I had coffee around 5pm.

I'm physically exhausted. So much to read. Sometimes I wonder whether the doctors forget that we are human. 

There's a gecko behind the refrigerator. I find them extremely disgusting. And I'm very afraid of them. I don't even know how it got inside the house since all the windows are always closed. Of course except during the weekends. That must have been when it got inside. I called the boyfriend when I saw it. Not that he could have done anything anyway coz he wasn't here >_>

I need to get my photo taken soon to be submitted for something. But I'm in a dilemma. My hair is too long for it to look nice on the photo. If I cut my hair it'll be too short. And I don't have enough time for it to grow to that perfect length that's just nice on photos. #gayboyproblems Haha. Funny thing is, I always look weird in all photos. My hospital ID photo is the ugliest of them all. I look constipated and unsure whether I should smile or not >< 

Another thing that I'm getting annoyed by is all these unknown stains on my pants near the knees and shin. I wonder whether it's blood from some patient. Or urine ><

Oh and I found my point and shoot camera!! I thought someone stole it coz I had only the empty camera pouch. It was in the car glovebox. haha. Found it when I finally cleaned it the other day. 

My internet thingy is so troublesome. The bill is due on the 7th of every month. And I can only pay once the bill is ready, which is some time on 7th itself. And if I don't pay on 7th, it gets disconnected and there's no way of paying it online. Which means that I have to go to Maxis and pay the bill. #firstworldpains. But really, I think it's a tad bit too much.

I don't understand why the owner of every apartment I rent never pays the stuff they need to pay. He has maintenance fees of RM 4k+ overdue now. And a bill from MBJB as well. And when things go wrong, they'll always blame me for not telling them sooner. Bitch please. I text you every time I receive something. Not my fault >_>

I'm still not sleepy. Hopefully I can wake up on time.

Wow okay. Sometimes I can talk a lot. Verbal diarrhea.


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