I have lost count of the number of times I have tried to type this entry. I'm having a hard time expressing what I want to be put here. 

I went to KL with the boyfriend a couple of days back to get some stuff done. I had a good time. I've missed the place and people a lot. But one thing I definitely didn't miss was the attitude some people have. Especially gay people. What's with the condescending stares? No wonder people find it so hard to accept us. There's a limit to being bitchy and judging others. 

The boyfriend bought me socks! Haha. When he was going to buy it I felt like screaming "Dobby is free!!" in the store. But obviously I didn't. The reason that I was touched about the socks was coz it wasn't something that he would normally buy. And he said that he's buying it since I have rashes on my legs where the socks come in contact and maybe this would be better. 

Back to classes again tomorrow!


  1. your bf is so considerate and sweet I just died of diabetic like swear to god.

  2. getting stares eh?2 low-ended looking plu stared grudgingly at me before just coz i walk around with my prada bag...sigh...it's only 2nd hand and off seasoned one....

    your fellow blogger

    1. I just hate all those judgmental stares.

      Fellow blogger? Hmm I wonder who


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