I miss blogging on a daily basis. If I were to say that I'm so busy I don't have time to blog, that wouldn't be entirely true. Been feeling rather emotional today. I'm still not used to life here. And I know that a lot of people will be saying that I should stop whining. Or something along those lines. 

I still miss unlimited internet. I miss YouTube-ing random stuff and browsing Tumblr endlessly. My monthly internet usage used to be around 90GB. Imagine having to cut down to 12GB. Tumblr and YouTube used to be ways that I cheered myself up after a rough day in uni. And I don't really have that anymore.

I miss KL. I know that I've blogged about it so many times. Here, I don't know where to go to get stuff done. Whenever I hear the traffic updates on the radio, I always listen to it now. I'm terrible with directions, but I can still recognise most of the roads they talk about in those updates. Above it all, I always had the feeling of KL being home. So I guess I miss home.

I don't like people who ignore their friends once they are in a relationship. I'd be a hypocrite if I did that. But it seems like some people have been feeling that way about me. I'm sorry if I don't make time for you. But I'm busy during the weekdays. So if you really want to keep in touch, I can make time during the weekends. Don't go on complaining that I'm ignoring my friends since I have a boyfriend. It takes two to maintain a friendship. I can't be the one who keeps trying all the time. 

I twisted my ankle a few weeks back and it still hasn't healed properly. Which means I can't run. And that means I can't vent out my frustration.


  1. take care. people always seem to think about that once you got into a relationship.

  2. Erm..I think I put more times with friends =.=" ...well anything need balance even though it's quite hard. =(

    Wishing you a fast recovery =)

  3. it's ok,at least you got your bf...and friends:D

  4. take care of your ankle ya... if you can't run, well... i am sure you know other ways to get the heart rate up again, and you only need one hand. (heh heh)...


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