I have fallen in to a rather monotonous routine ever since classes started. Monday to Friday is obviously spent in uni. I spend Saturdays with a close friend or two. And Sundays are for the boyfriend.

Last night, I finished class rather late around 7pm, the boyfriend messaged me and told me that he's waiting downstairs at my place with dinner. He wanted to surprise me because I'm normally at home by 6pm. I was truly touched. But I was out with my classmates so I couldn't go home straightaway. He knew that I've been having a rough week and wanted to cheer me up. 

Went to buy contact lenses earlier tonight. Goodness, some sales people think so highly of themselves. He was so rude to me I felt like going to another shop. But I was in a rush so ignored his attitude.

I really do need a holiday. Even though classes started few weeks back, it has been super tiring. Has anyone been to Colmar Tropicale? I've been wanting to go there ever since I saw a few photos on Instagram. Looks like a wonderful place to take photos. It's a bit towards the expensive side though.

I seem to be blogging a lot about the boyfriend. Honestly nothing new is happening in my life right now aside from the daily drama in uni. And I don't want to waste my time blogging about such negative things.

Oh and I finally moved to Maxis! Super happy about it since the network is better. And it's cheaper too!


  1. when i saw the picture all a sudden i have this random thought imagining myself dressing as a princess or queen while at Colmar....so random.lol

    and my life been monotonous as well,been thinking to do some vacation

    1. hahaha. it really does look like a scene from a disney movie right

  2. Never been there but it's a nice place to chill judging from the photos..probably worth the price tag..after all you only live once. :)

  3. Yup I've been there. Very gorgeous indeed. With mildly cool weather. I think it's still quite affordable. A very romantic place, me thinks.

  4. Erm, I would recon going for a day trip, go early, do some visit then head to genting highland for the night (if you plan to stay over night lah), and dont eat there, food are overprice and the taste are just so-so.

    Better pack your own food while you're there.

    1. thanks! definitely will think about it! is there a transfer service to genting though?

    2. Try to drive there (or get a friend who does), taxi would cost a bomb, again, dont eat there, ou would rather eat at Genting highlands.


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